Sadig Niftullayev has presented his research in the “PhD Scientific Days Conference” at Semmelweis University

“Our board member, Sadig Niftullayev, recently participated in the “PhD Scientific Days Conference” at Semmelweis University in Hungary on 22-24 June. He presented his PhD work with a poster titled: “Autophagy as a Guardian of Two Genomes: A Voyage from Mitochondrial DNA to Nuclear DNA.”

This conference invited PhD candidates from EUniWell member universities to share their research results, knowledge, and collaborate with other PhD students on well-being-related themes. The conference covered various topics, including Clinical Medicine, Health Sciences, Mental Sciences, Molecular Sciences, Neurosciences, Pathology and Oncology, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Theoretical and Translational Medicine.

Sadig is currently continuing his research at the University of Cologne and the Max-Planck Institute for Biology of Aging in Cologne, Germany. His research focuses on investigating the role of Autophagy in maintaining the integrity of the nuclear and mitochondrial genomes.”

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