About us

Welcome to the Azerbaijan Neuroscience Society! We are a pioneering organization dedicated to establishing and advancing the field of neuroscience in our country.

As the first neuroscience society in Azerbaijan, our mission is to promote research, education, and collaboration among professionals and enthusiasts interested in the fascinating realm of the nervous system.

Our society serves as a platform for neuroscientists, neurologists, psychologists, and other experts to connect, share knowledge, and drive scientific progress. Azerbaijan Neuroscience Society is a member society of Federation of European Neuroscience Societies and International Brain Research Organization

To this end, the Association carries the following duties: 

  • To promote the exchange between medical science researchers, practicing clinicians and researchers working in industry;
  • To support the education in the fields of clinical and fundamental neurosciences;
  • To facilitate research of the nervous system and its dysfunctions involving collaboration between academic investigators and practicing clinicians with diverse
    research backgrounds;
  • To inform the public about current research advances and their implications brought
    about by the field of neuroscience;
  • To organize diverse courses and seminars, round tables, meetings and exhibitions, scientific conferences and other cultural and public events;
  • To spread information about its aims and activities through the means of media, in accordance with all rules and regulations;
  • To enhance the exchange and cooperation with relevant structures of the Republic of Azerbaijan, municipalities, and international organizations;

To learn further, you can read ByLaws of ASN. 

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