Jamil Muradov published an article in “The Conversation” about Bill C-277

ANS Board member, Jamil Muradov, published an article in the prestigious scientific journal The Conversation about Bill C-277, which was passed by the Canadian Parliament. The Conversation is a scientific journal read by 35 million users and used as a source by 22,000 media outlets. C-277 is an act aimed at recognizing brain injuries as a chronic condition in Canada. In the future, similar to international structures created to prevent infectious and cancerous diseases, C-277 is the first step towards the creation of international organizations against brain injuries.

To read more about the article, please, visit the website: https://theconversation.com/living-with-traumatic-brain-injury-proposed-legislation-supports-nationwide-strategy-for-care-231252

Bill C-277 could form the foundation for government collaboration with international partners to establish a cohesive global policy for monitoring traumatic brain injuries. (Shutterstock)

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